About Us

What is Creation Care SG all about?

Welcome! We’re a group of young adults who came together out of a passion for creation care. 

Each one of us has a different unique journey that created a desire to protect creation, and gave us this common goal to empower others to care for creation. 

Find out more about our team here, or keep scrolling to learn more about our story.

How did we start Creation Care SG?

Creation care is a relatively new concept in Singapore. However, it has roots in Genesis, when God placed Adam in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it (Genesis 2:15).

We noticed that there is a dearth of resources on creation care that is tailored for our local Singaporean context, and decided that we needed to do something about it – marking the start of our journey towards launching this ministry.

The idea of an ecosystem inspired our logo as we reflected on the need to have a right relationship with creation. Etymologically, the word ecosystem derives from the Greek oikos, meaning “home,” and systema, or “system.” On earth which is our home where God has placed us to grow and flourish, we hope to remember that as human beings, we live in a complex system of wondrous interdependence with the rest of creation.