How can I begin living out Creation Care?

With an understanding that God has called us to be good stewards of His creation, we should take tangible steps to make a positive difference. There are so many ways to get involved that it can seem overwhelming.

Here are some ideas for you to get started:


1. Equip yourself with resources on the science and theology of creation care

Articles and books can help increase one’s understanding of the biblical basis for creation care. They can also help us understand more about the science of environmental issues, so that we are aware of how we can take meaningful action. Check out our list of resources here!


2. Reconnect with nature and thank God for the wonders of His creation

As written in Psalm 19:1, creation speaks of God’s glory and majesty. Spend some time outdoors recognising His divine power, as well as appreciating what He has created. Our guided reflective walks were curated to encourage Christians to reflect on the beauty of God’s creation and our relationship with the natural world. You may also choose to listen to our audio guide – A Walk in God’s Garden at Dairy Farm Nature Park – and embark on the walk at your own time and pace.


Exploring Bukit Timah Nature Reserve


3. Look at your lifestyle and identify sustainable habits that can be easily adopted

Every person is at a different starting point in terms of sustainability. Thus, evaluating your own lifestyle can help you identify areas to best start incorporating more environmentally friendly habits. You could start small by bringing your own containers for takeaway or by simply taking better care of your items so you can prolong the use of them.


4. Volunteer at clean-ups or restoration projects

There are plenty of environmental volunteering opportunities in Singapore, such as NParks’ tree planting events and citizen science programmes. You may also start by simply picking up litter you spot around your neighbourhood. Creation Care SG also organises contemplative beach clean-ups, where we spend some time reflecting and praying together before we start picking trash from the shore.


Participants from CCSG’s Contemplative Beach Clean-Up (25th Sep 2021)


5. Start a Creation Care initiative in your church

Bringing up creation care to your peers or leaders in church could lead to the start of environmental initiatives being implemented. Whether it’s switching from printed bulletins to e-bulletins or initiating a community garden in the church compound, these actions can help bring about greater awareness on creation care among church members.

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